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What Will Be Your Heart’s Choice? Interactive Romance App Launches

If interactive fiction and visual novels are your favorites, you’ve probably heard of Choice of Games. Their interactive games are some of the most popular in the industry and with good reason. They’re well-coded, well-written and well-edited – the perfect combination for these mobile games. Officially announced in July 2017, the Heart’s Choice app has officially launched today. It is advertised as “all text, all romance, and no tricks.”

Unlike in Choice of Games, romance will be the focus of these stories. This means that there will be much fewer chances for failure in order to stick to the genre convention of a “Happy For Now” and “Happily Ever After.” With a heat level rating of between one and three peppers, readers can choose stories that will be the most comfortable for them.

Another change from the Choice of Games stories is their “no tricks” promise. The original app will often charge you diamonds – an earnable or purchasable in-game commodity – to unlock the sex scenes or the narrative paths that are not necessary to the game. Heart’s Choice says they will not continue this in the new app.

“Every path is always open to you; we never charge extra for the best options or most interesting storylines,” the site reads.

I personally look forward to reading all of the games on there, but I’ll be starting with RoAnna Sylver’s Dawnfall.

Interested readers can learn more about the available games and their authors by reading these interviews with Lisa Fox and Nicola R. White! Heart’s Choice also has its official social media profiles on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

The games are available for free through the mobile app and online or for $2.99 to purchase an ad- and delay-free reading experience. They will also be available for purchase for $4.99 on Steam for an ad-free experience that’s more like a traditional visual novel.

If you’re looking for more traditional romance novels, check out our review and interview section. You might see a review of some of the Heart’s Choice offerings popping up here in the future!