Review: Trashed by Mia Hopkins

Hello, my lovely romance readers and welcome to a brand new episode of Mina is Shook. Just kidding, that isn’t a thing. Though it should be starting now because Trashed by Mia Hopkins left me feeling exactly that: Shook.

He burns for her. Lucky for him, she likes to play with fire. . .

Trashed CoverMy name is Eddie Rosas, but everyone calls me Trouble. Since I got out of prison six months ago, I’ve had one goal: find my father, whatever the cost. My older brother says I need to move on. He also wants me to leave our gang, East Side Hollenbeck, and go straight, but I can’t—not until I uncover the truth about our family and its missing piece.

One problem? I’m distracted. My distraction’s name is Carmen Centeno. Smart, passionate, and tough as hell, Carmen is a woman from the neighborhood who’s built her career as one of the city’s top chefs. She’s a master of creating pleasure both in and out of bed. But when our connection deepens, how can I show her I’m not the trash everyone says I am?

The pressure’s rising. Carmen deserves a man she can depend on. And when the ghosts of my past rise up, I’ll have to outsmart them—or lose my shot at a future with the only woman who believes in me. Goodreads

I received an eARC of Trashed from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

In her second book in the Eastside Brewery series, Mia is back with another irresistible hero. I say another because although I’ve not read Thirsty yet (I am amending this mistake, don’t worry!) I am a hundred percent sure that Mia’s heroes are nothing but delicious!

Trashed needs content warnings for a flashback of a scene where Eddie’s parents get into a fight that becomes physical and leads to a car accident and scenes of physical violence.

Hop on for an engaging, thrilling, and sexy as hell book that is told from the perspective of our hero Eddie. Eddie has recently gotten out of jail, he’s twenty-three, he’s sexy, he’s poor, and he needs a job. He gets one, washing dishes at a restaurant. Too bad that the sous-chef is none other than Carmen,  the same woman who unearthed his whole world just a couple of months ago.

From the first pages of this book, you might think: “Hm, I am very engaged,” and that’s most likely due to the single first-person perspective and the present tense. The combination of those tools and the way Eddie saw the world in clear and concise ways allowed me to fall deeply into the book.

I did not want to stop reading Trashed. The intense sex scenes, which are abundant, the nerve-wracking scenes involving the ever-present Eastside gang, and the complex family relationships, all of the aforementioned elements made Trashed a terrifying read. It’s terrifying because you read, and read, and read and then you finish the book and have to go back to reality, which sucks in comparison.

As I mentioned, Eddie is delightful. He’s super aware of his position in the world and he wants to find a good job. The attraction between him and Carmen is real and they let sparks fly until they torch them both. Carmen especially suffers the damage which makes their relationship rocky. Here’s the thing, though, no matter how tenuous things are around them, Carmen and Eddie talk. They fight and argue but they want each other. Even though her mother doesn’t like him and he’s a mess. Their desire and determination moved me.

It’s during the intense intimate scenes that Carmen truly shined. The book focuses on Eddie’s narrative but Carmen is quite present. She’s hopeful and determined too, which makes her a fantastic heroine.

I loved the way Mia portrayed Eddie’s relationship with Carmen. It isn’t the smoothest, which you should expect since the book deals with many themes of toxic relationships, but it still tugged at my heart. They work at it. He tries so hard to unravel a mystery with his family and tries even more at having a stable future.

It’s that earnest, undeniable charm Eddie Rosas possesses that made me love this book so much and look forward to the next book in the Eastside Brewery series.


Title: Trashed

Author: Mia Hopkins

Series: Eastside Brewery, 2

Publisher: Little Stone Press

Length: 298 Pages

Release Date: July 16, 2019

Rating: Recommended

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Representation: Hispanic main characters


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