Review: The Cloudship Trader by Kate Diamond

The Cloudship Trader is a fantastical quest novel in a world that readers won’t be able to help but want to join.

The Cloudship Trader CoverWhile visiting a famed mountaintop market, cloudship flier Miris and nir companion, the Wind spirit Seres, find a merchant selling Star spirits imprisoned inside glass lamps.

And then ney learns that the lamps are only one piece of a cruel plot to capture and enslave Stars, a plot that could spell disaster for the peaceful relationships between people and spirits that have shaped their world for generations.

Joined by the merchant’s assistant Belest, a man running from a terrible situation and desperate to mend the harm he unwittingly aided in, Miris and Seres fly north, seeking the source of the lamps so that they can end the practice before it becomes widespread and unstoppable.

On their journey, they visit wondrous places, meet healers and thieves, politicians and priests, make friends both human and not. But if they are to put a stop to the slavers’ work, Miris and Belest must first learn to trust each other. (Goodreads)Goodreads

Reading this book was like catharsis. It was open and honest and a world I wished I lived in, where there was actually some belief that the authorities would help someone who had been wronged. It has a wide variety of races – almost like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign – that all interact beautifully in a very real way.

It does need some trigger warnings for non-human semi-sentient beings being enslaved, mentions of rape, mentions of verbal and physical abuse, and the threat of arrest.

Our main character is a nonbinary character who uses neo-pronouns and pretty much every character we meet is queer and accepting of others – even the villains. This is a quest book where we get to learn so much about the stunning world that Diamond created while actually getting justice for the characters we fall in love with.

I loved the way that Belest and Miris slowly but surely learned to trust each other and grew into a real friendship. It’s like a slow burn friendship and I was all about it.

My one, very minor, complaint was that the plot was a little meandering. However, I enjoyed each and every meandering step of the journey. I think you will too. I would love to read interconnected short stories or novels in this world featuring different characters and races.

You can pick it up on Amazon as a Kindle book as well as through Kindle Unlimited. I highly recommend it for fantasy fans who want something that is mostly fluffy.


Title: The Cloudship Trader

Author: Kate Diamond

Publisher: Self Published

Length: 265 Pages

Release Date: April 13, 2019

Rating: Highly Recommended

Genre: Fantasy

Representation: nonbinary main character, queer cast, main character with PTSD


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