Salt Review

Review: Salt by Hannah Moskowitz

I didn’t know what to expect from Salt, but it blew what expectations I did have out of the water. If you like sea monsters and family feelings, this is the book for you.

Salt CoverEven though their parents disappeared during a hunt three months ago, seventeen-year-old Indi and his siblings, Beleza, Oscar, and Zulu, continue to roam the Mediterranean on their sailboat and hunt down monsters–but Indi yearns for a more settled life for his family, and he hopes that his parents’ journal with its tantalizing hints of a treasure, will provide them all with the means of escape from their nomadic and dangerous life before it is too late.


I received an eARC of Salt from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


I have read a few books by Hannah Moskowitz in the past, and particularly enjoyed Wild and Gena/Finn when I read them. That I liked this book was not a surprise – I expected as much – but the depth of which I loved this family was surprising to me.

Salt is incredibly character driven. It’s almost overly character driven, to the point that the adventure that they’re on feels anticlimactic. That isn’t a bad thing, though.

All of the characters leap off of the page as if they were real people, which I think is one of Moskowitz’s greatest strengths as a writer. Their family dynamic was very realistic, and I loved that the characters had their own wishes and dreams outside of being monster hunters. Indi is incredibly soft and just wants to take care of his family, while Beleza is desperate to find their parents and fulfill their final task. Oscar seems like a gruff teenage boy at 12, but he’s really soft at heart. His interactions with Zulu made my heart swell.

I particularly loved Hura, because she was absolutely ruthless and unapologetic. She will surprise you throughout the novel. I’d honestly be interested in a follow-up novel with her as a main character.

If you go into Salt looking for an adventure story that focuses on the greatness of the adventure, I think you’ll come out disappointed. This book is all about the family, and I think that it worked beautifully in that regard.

I thoroughly enjoyed Salt. If it sounds up your alley, pick up a copy from Amazon or Indiebound!


Title: Salt

Author: Hannah Moskowitz

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Length: 304 Pages

Release Date: October 30, 2018

Rating: ★★★★ / Four stars

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Representation: Jewish author, Portuguese main character (maybe mixed race?), Arabic side character,

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