Review: Reverb by Anna Zabo

Not only was Reverb absolute catnip with the tropes, it felt like a deeply kind gift Anna Zabo had bestowed upon their Twisted Wishes readers.

Hi, my name is Em, and quite frankly, I’d love to be a fictional character in this universe.

Not only does Reverb deliver on a list of exquisitely constructed tropes such as Bodyguard / Rockstar, Height Difference, and Soft Hero and Sassy Heroine, it also gives us heart and chosen family that’d go so hard for one another.

Reverb CoverTwisted Wishes bass player Mish Sullivan is a rock goddess—gorgeous, sexy and comfortable in the spotlight. With fame comes unwanted attention, though: a stalker is desperate to get close. Mish can fend for herself, just as she always has. But after an attack lands her in the hospital, the band reacts, sticking her with a bodyguard she doesn’t need or want.

David Altet has an instant connection with Mish. A certified badass, this ex-army martial arts expert can take down a man twice his size. But nothing—not living as a trans man, not his intensive military training—prepared him for the challenge of Mish. Sex with her is a distraction neither of them can afford, yet the hot, kink-filled nights keep coming.

When Mish’s stalker ups his game, David must make a choice—lover or bodyguard. He’d rather have Mish alive than in his bed. But Mish wants David, and no one, especially not a stalker, will force her to give him up. Goodreads

I received an eARC of Reverb from the author in exchange for an honest review.

We’re back again with Twisted Wishes (the band) on their tour. Except for this time, they are wiser and stronger together. They also have one more additional member: David. As their newly appointed bodyguard, David has one crucial job, which is to pay attention to Mish. It’s not hard because she’s tall, fiery, and has gorgeous hair. I mean, I’d love to get paid to look at Mish and care for her wellbeing too.

For David, it also comes with instant attraction. It’s both good and deliciously bad that it’s mutual. Mish loves the look of David and she’s quite helplessly enamored by his sense of humor and how freaking soft he is. Relatable.

There is a catch, however. Mish and David aren’t supposed to be getting so personal; not when there is a stalker on the loose snatching rings and posting vile comments online. But this is a romance book and we are rooting for David and Mish as they tumble into bed, hold hands, and possibly steal our hearts.

What I was most enamored with in this book is how freaking adorable the entire cast is. Yes, I am calling these badass rockstars adorable. They are goals. As a queer person, it warms my heart to know this fictional world exists, which meant it definitely mirrors reality.

Reverb doesn’t steer us entirely away from the band members who’ve made this series so damn enjoyable, but it puts Mish and David’s delectable relationship in the spotlight in a way that’ll leave you sobbing into your pillow.

Just me?

Okay, fine. I was sobbing because I am weak for soft romances. This was all that gooey, inclusive, so darn careful and precious, and simply the best romance.

I am sad to say goodbye to this series, but I am so proud and honored to have read this from beginning to end. David, Mish, Dom, Adrian, Ray, and of course, the love, and I can’t stress this enough, of my life, Zavier will always be in my heart.
We should have T-shirts, Carina. Just saying.

You can pick up a copy for yourself from Amazon.


Title: Reverb

AUthor: Anna Zabo

Series: Twisted Wishes, 3

Publisher: Carina

Length: 317 Pages

Release Date: May 6, 2019

Rating: Highly Recommended

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Representation: Queer Trans guy hero, pansexual heroine