Book Review & Rating Policy


We are currently closed to book review requests. 

Let’s Fox About It aims to cover and review books that are written by, for and about marginalized people. Therefore, all books reviewed here must be about or by marginalized people. 

This means that we review books by and about queer people, disabled people, people of color and any intersection among them.

We give preference to marginalized authors writing whatever they want over non-marginalized authors writing marginalized characters. 

If you are a marginalized author wanting to see some promotion of your book that is not a book review, check out the promotional posts section on the right.

Promotional Posts

Though we are closed to book review requests, we are wide open to discuss promotional posts for books that fit in with our mission statement.

We offer the option for authors to:

  • write an original guest post about something relating to their book;
  • share an exclusive cover or excerpt on our site;
  • write a recommendation list for books in their genre;
  • participate in an author interview;
  • participate in a character interview;
  • offer suggestions for how they can promote their book outside of this! 

If you would like to promote your book through one of these types of promotional posts, contact us through the form below!

Disclosure Policy

Reviewers at Let’s Fox About It often review books provided for free in exchange for an honest review from the authors of the books, Netgalley and Edelweiss. Any books that are provided for free will be marked as such in the review.

Like any media company, Let’s Fox About It has to make money somehow. Because of this, we run ads on this website through Google Adsense. We have very little control over the ads you get served, but if you find one on our site that is offensive, please report it to Google and feel free to email us. We will do what we can to remove the ad from our site.

We have also affiliated ourselves with a variety of places that you can purchase books. All links to Amazon, Indiebound, The Book Depository and The Ripped Bodice will be affiliate links. This means that we make a small amount of money off of your purchase without you being charged any extra money for it. 

At this point, Let’s Fox About It has no sponsored content. If we ever do, that content will be placed in a separate category on the site and clearly marked.