Review: Playing House by Ruby Lang

Playing House is the first book in a series about housing nerds that you’ll kick yourself for missing out on. I’m thrilled that I got to read it early.

Romance blossoms between two city planners posing as newlyweds in this first in a bright new series by acclaimed author Ruby Lang.

Playing House CoverThe last thing Oliver Huang expects to see on the historic Mount Morris home tour is longtime acquaintance Fay Liu bustling up and kissing him hello. He’s happy to playact being a couple to save her from a pushy admirer. Fay’s beautiful, successful and smart, and if he’s being honest, Oliver has always had a bit of a thing for her.

Maybe more than a bit.

Geeking out over architectural details is Oliver and Fay’s shared love language, and soon they’re touring pricey real estate across Upper Manhattan as the terribly faux but terribly charming couple Darling and Olly.

For the first time since being laid off from the job he loved, Oliver has something to look forward to. And for the first time since her divorce, Fay’s having fun.

Somewhere between the light-filled living rooms and spacious closets they’ve explored, this faux relationship just may have sparked some very real feelings. For Oliver and Fay, home truly is where their hearts are. (Goodreads) Goodreads

I received an eARC of Playing House from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was my first book by Ruby Lang and it was stunning. I absolutely loved Oliver and Fay  separately and together, and I would have gladly spent an entire second book with them.

Urban planning is a weird job, and one that I have a ton of respect for after covering county government as a reporter for several years. I thought that Lang did a great job of explaining the job and why both protagonists loved it so much without getting too far into the nitty gritty details.

I loved the little bits of architecture nerdery, which you could easily keep up with even if you don’t know anything about houses other than living in them. If you like house renovation shows, you’ll definitely have enough knowledge to know exactly what these two are talking about.

Playing House is in a weird space for me as it’s right in that middle range between novella length and a full-length novel. It felt like it flew by in the best way. I would have enjoyed an epilogue, but I did really enjoy the novel the way it was. I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out.

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Title: Playing House

Series: Uptown House #1

Author: Ruby Lang

Publisher: Carina Press

Length: 113 Pages

Release Date: August 12, 2019

Rating: Highly Recommended

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Representation: asian american main character, asian-american love interest

Tropes: fake dating, coworkers romance (sort of)


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