Review: Honor and Desire by Rebel Carter

If you read my reviews of the first two books in the Gold Sky series, you’ll know I’m a fan of the books about the Wilkes-Barnes family. Honor and Desire was no different.

For as long as anyone can remember Seylah Wickes-Barnes has been at the side of August Leclaire, her best friend and the boy her fathers took under their wing.

Honor and Desire CoverNow a grown woman and looking for love, Seylah’s deepest regret, and secret, is quickly coming to surface: She has been in love with August for as long as she can remember.

For years she has been content in her role as secretary to the Sheriff’s department in Gold Sky, Montana. Mostly for the opportunity to be around the men of her family, and the one who still owns her heart. But there is no denying that the woman behind the desk is far more suited to wielding a gun and keeping the peace. If only she could convince her fathers to see her in a new light, as a person worthy of a deputy’s badge.

Determined to put her past behind her, Seylah gives her attentions to a handsome new arrival. One who sweeps Seylah off her feet-quite literally. Things are almost perfect until August suddenly declares his intent to court her. Can she trust that August’s affections are true and not inspired by jealousy?

Amongst gun fights and forbidden kisses, childhood friendships mature into a love built on forever and intimate desire in this tale of friends-to-prickly-allies-to-lovers romance. (Goodreads) Goodreads

I received an eARC of Honor and Desire from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Honor and Desire wasn’t my favorite of the books so far, but it was a great addition to the Gold Sky series that led us into the stories of the next generation.

The reason that it wasn’t my favorite was the main conflict between Seylah and August that kept them apart in the first place. When they were 14, they went to a dance together where Seylah overheard August telling the boys that he only took her because her pas took care of him. He then started dating someone else, which hurt her feelings horribly. We get to see this in a flashback and Seylah talks about it with one of her sisters, but she never actually addressed it with August. It would have been incredibly easy for her to address within the narrative since we got to see August being jealous of other men talking to or looking at her and the girl that he dated shows up again later in the story, but it just wasn’t. I kept waiting for it to become a problem again, but it never did.

I also didn’t love the way August kept defending her Pa’s misogyny and wanting to leave Seylah behind when she had done all of the same things he had to get his job as a Sheriff’s Deputy. However, I did like how Carter wrapped up that storyline.

My favorite moments in this were the moments between Seylah and her sisters. They all had absolutely distinct personalities and made the family home feel as real as it did in Heart and Hand. It was a great sequel and fans of the series will enjoy it. It was amazing to see Seylah get to be as much of a badass as the boys and her Pa’s, if not more of a badass. I’m particularly looking forward to the next book and seeing what comes next for the Wicker-Barnes family!

You can pick up a copy and continue the Gold Sky series through Amazon.


Title: Honor and Desire

Series: Gold Sky #3

Author: Rebel Carter

Publisher: Violet Gaze Press

Length: Unknown

Release Date: January 29, 2020

Rating: Recommended

Genre: Adult Historical Fiction Romance

Representation: Mixed race Black main character, 


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