Review: He’s Come Undone Anthology

He’s Come Undone is an anthology with a simple premise. “For him, control is everything…until it shatters, and now he’s come undone.”

I received an eARC of He’s Come Undone from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

Hes Come Undone CoverI’ve read and enjoyed other books by three of these authors before – Adriana Herrera, Olivia Dade, and Ruby Lang. I’d heard good things about Emma Barry and Cat Sebastian but had never picked up any of their works. After reading this anthology, I think I’ll definitely be picking up more of their work in the future.

Overall, this was a well put together anthology. Each of the stories stands on its own but are on a similar enough theme that it works well when looked at as a group.

Most of these stories were very sweet, but there are some trigger warnings that are necessary. These are included in the beginning of each story.

  • Appassionata: on-page sex, alcohol use, profanity, on-page anxiety, depression, and stage fright.
  • Unraveled: on-page sex, profanity, brief mentions of witnessed family violence during childhood, and discussion of a fictional murder diorama.
  • Caught Looking: on-page sex, references to homophobia, discussions of poverty.
  • Yes, And…: on-page sex, parental dementia, caregiver fatigue, adult ADHD, on-page panic attack.
  • Tommy Cabot Was Here: on-page sex, references to homophobia and sex between underage characters.

While I enjoyed all of the stories in this short anthology, my two favorites were Emma Barry’s Appassionata and Olivia Dade’s Unraveled. 

Appassionata was passionate and sweet and deals with the expectations that many creatives put on themselves.  I loved the way that Brennan and Kristy’s history worked to inform their romance and the way that the dark moment was handled.  Music was worked into the narrative beautifully.

Unraveled was an absolute delight to read. Poppy is a delight of a human being who I would love to know in real life, and I loved the way that Simon opened up to her and to us as readers in little ways. It’s in the same universe as Teach Me, which I have not read yet but will be picking up.

I will say that I don’t think the Cat Sebastian story fit into the anthology as well as it could have because it was historical and all of the others were contemporary, but it was a sweet second chance romance that will certainly appeal to fans of historical gay romance.

If you’re looking for short, sweet romances to read, I think you’ll enjoy this anthology. You can pick up a copy on Amazon through our affiliate links.

This is box title

Title: He’s Come Undone Anthology

Author: Emma Barry, Olivia Dade, Adriana Herrera, Ruby Lang, Cat Sebastian

Publisher: Independent

Release Date: May 12, 2020

Rating:  Recommended

Genre: Adult Romance – Contemporary and Historical

Representation: Dominican American gay male character and Dominican American bi male character in Caught Looking, two white gay male characters in Tommy Cabot Was Here, a minor character with Alzheimer’s in Yes, And…, and an Asian female character in Appassionata.


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