Review: Dithered Hearts by Chace Verity

In Dithered Hearts, Verity built a world that you can step right into and a romance that you will be head over glass heels for.

Dithered Hearts Cover
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A gender-confused farmer desperate to reclaim her farm and escape her stepparents’ abuse. A closeted prince more interested in helping his people than finding a bride. A fairy godfather with a ton of secrets and no powers. In this diverse fairy tale, everyone is searching for a happy ending.

The masquerade ball to find Prince Longhollow’s future bride might be Cynthia Lynah’s best chance at getting her family farm back. If she can marry him, she’ll have all the money and power she needs. Her newly discovered fairy godfather is ready to help her, but his magic can’t do anything to stop her heart from falling for two women she shouldn’t be attracted to–her stepsisters. In the midst of her flirtations, she causes her fairy godfather to lose his magic and stirs trouble for the prince desperate to save his nation from a famine.

Everyone gets a chance to be the hero of their story, but happy endings seem impossible when they need more than magic to make them happen. (Goodreads) Goodreads

I hope y’all know by now that I adore Chace Verity with a very large chunk of my heart. They are part of a writing group I’m in and I am so grateful for their support and existence.

That being said, I still keep my reviews as honest as possible, and I honestly loved Dithered Hearts.

Dithered Hearts is a polyamorous historical fantasy romance between adult step-siblings who are nonbinary, female and female. It also features a side m/m romance. The main character is questioning their gender and uses multiple pronouns throughout the story, but for clarity’s sake, I’m going to use they/them pronouns.

It also deals with a lot of topics that are potentially triggering including abuse toward queer characters, including mental, emotional, and on-the-page physical abuse; abuse toward a disabled character; anti-queer rhetoric and microaggressions; excessive swearing, including gendered insults; mentions of deceased parents; mentions of substance abuse and addiction; misgendering, including accidental and willful instances.

Our main character, Cyn, is trying to get out from under their abusive step-parents and bring life back to the land that has kept their family alive for centuries. I loved Cyn a lot, both because and despite the lack of thought they put into their decisions. They never read the fine print or take time to think through the possible consequences of their actions except when it came to making sure they were safe from their step-parents. There’s also a great political subplot that has a huge impact on everything for Cyn.

Each of the other characters in this story were incredibly real people, even the fae. My personal favorite side character was Lord Gafford who was so terribly bad at pretending to be a human that it left me literally laughing out loud. I loved the political villain’s motivation and I love that Cyn and their step-sisters get justice and a happy ending. It made a great change from what I expected. I would absolutely love to see another story set in this world.

I loved so much about Dithered Hearts, and I think you will, too. You can pick up a copy on Amazon or read through Kindle Unlimited.


Title: Dithered Hearts

Author: Chace Verity

Publisher: Self

Length: 284 Pages

Release Date: July 24, 2019

Rating: Highly Recommended

Genre: Adult Historical Fantasy Romance

Representation: Nonbinary author, nonbinary main character, queer main character, queer love interest, queer side characters, polyamorous romance


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