A Glimmer of Silver Cover

Review: A Glimmer of Silver by Juliet Kemp

Readers will close the book on Juliet Kemp’s A Glimmer of Silver with a glimmer of hope for the future of Ocean and all of its inhabitants.

A Glimmer of Silver Cover

Jennery is floating on xyr back when Ocean speaks for the first time. Just three days away from freedom, all Jennery has ever wanted to do was become a musician—because if you reach sixteen and Ocean hasn’t spoken to you once, then you can pursue a different life instead of becoming a Communicator.

But Ocean speaks to Jennery—only to Jennery. And Ocean is angry. And when Ocean is angry, bad things happen to the humans who have colonized Ocean’s world. Jennery must choose whether to listen or to swim away.

A Glimmer of Silver is a novella about responsibility, growing up, and what happens after first contact.


I received an eARC of A Glimmer of Silver from The Book Smugglers in exchange for an honest review.

Jennery is a reluctant hero that I loved reading. Xe is almost free of a job they never wanted when Ocean speaks to xem. Xe has always wanted to be a musician, not anything to do with speaking to Ocean.

You see, Ocean is the planet that the human race lives on. The entire planet that they live on is covered in water. It’s vaguely sentient, and speaks to the small group of humans who are not poisoned by its water, all of whom use xe/xyr pronouns.

Those humans, known as Communicators, made a Contract with Ocean to do as little to harm Ocean as possible, unlike what happened on old Earth. They do not eat any of the animals that live in Ocean, and compost and reuse everything that they can. It’s a very interesting discussion about environmental sustainability.

Throughout the novel, Jennery and xyr companions fight to uphold the law, until they realize that the law is exactly the reason that things are going wrong with Ocean. Then Jennery has to convince the world to change everything xyr society has ever believed in.

A Glimmer of Silver does need trigger warnings for colonization, almost drowning in ocean, mentions of food scarcity, and a non-graphic depiction of cleaning fish for food use.

I highly recommend you pick up a copy of A Glimmer of Silver on Amazon!


Title: A Glimmer of Silver

Author: Juliet Kemp

Publisher: The Book Smugglers

Length: 136 pages

Release Date: August 2, 2018

Rating: ★★★★★ / Five stars

Genre: Space Fantasy

Representation: Dark-skinned main character, all characters use neutral pronouns, genderqueer author,

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