Photo of nonbinary Muslim person in a light pink hijab and a white and blue shirt.
Author: M. Ali (They/Them)

M Ali is a middle-eastern reader who’s passionate about uplifting marginalized voices in literature and the romance genre. They can be found talk about books on Twitter or working as a part-time educator. They are made up of cats, memes, self-deprecating humor and romance.

You can find them on Twitter!

Author: C.T. Callahan (e/em)

C.T. Callahan is the author of SFF, YA, and an assortment of short stories. Hailing from a mixed-racial background, e has pledged es writing to the spread of diversity in fiction and the fight for equality.

C.T. Callahan Author Photo
Kristyn Carter Photo
Author: Kristyn Carter (she/her)
Kristyn Carter is a freelance writer from Philadelphia. She often writes about books, television, and representation in media. Her passions include binge-watching TV, reading, and sleeping in late. Follow her on Twitter @kristynwrites
Author: Lina Langley (She/They)

Lina Langley is a first-generation immigrant who lives in a Florida college town. Her favorite things to do include complaining about how small the city is and sneakily eating passion fruit macarons (She doesn’t like to share).
Lina is passionate about lifting marginalized voices and about representation in media. She’s always excited to find good representation. As a discerning reader and consumer, she can be a little hard to please. While she’s stuffing macarons in her face. In her pajamas. At one in the afternoon. On a Tuesday.
Hey, she never said anything about being glamorous.

Founder: Ceillie Simkiss (She/Her)

Owner & Founder Ceillie Simkiss has been a blogger for more than five years, focusing on books by and about marginalized people. She is autistic, ADHD and asexual.

From the beginning, she has striven to be candid about her thoughts about every topic she touches, while keeping kindness in mind. That is what she plans to keep working towards with all of the work at Let’s Fox About It.

Throughout that time, she worked her way through journalism school as well as by working as a daily journalist. She is now a full-time freelance writer in Southern Virginia, attended by all three of her boys – one canine, one feline and one human.  

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