One Year Anniversary of Foxing About!

It’s officially been more than a year since Let’s Fox About It began. As of July 1, LFAI has officially been up and running for a full year. It seems wild that this thing I dreamed up after leaving my full-time job has really turned into something, but here we are!

I wanted to check in on how we were doing at sticking to our mission of focusing on works by and about marginalized people. I also wanted to be as transparent as humanly possible. To do that, that meant I had to make some spreadsheets! Which, honestly, I love. So, here’s our review statistics for the year!

You can view our Anniversary Spreadsheet to get all of this data, along with links to all of the posts over the last year. 

As of July 1, we had posted 135 unique articles on LFAI! Here’s the breakdown in chart and table form for easy viewing!

Post Type # of Posts
Review 70
Listicle 21
Opinion 3
Guest Post 3
Cover Reveal 8
Author Interview 15
Character Interview 13
Article 2

Now, most of those posts were written by me, as I’m the boss around here. However, our stunning contributors did a ton of work!

Author Name # of Posts
Ceillie Simkiss 97
Mina Waheed 28
Kristyn Carter 6
Lina Langley 2
C.T. Callahan 2


We posted 70 reviews over the last year. This was our most common type of post, so I wanted to break down the age range of books we reviewed, the race of the authors we reviewed and the queer or nonqueer identity of those authors.

Age Range of Reviewed Books

We mostly reviewed adult and young adult books, though we also reviewed a few middle-grade books.

Age Range # of Posts
Kids 0
Middle Grade 8
Young Adult 29
Adult 33

Race of Authors Reviewed

Some of these books were counted more than once as they were anthologies, but I wanted to ensure that we counted everyone we could. This data is based on the author’s self-identification.

Race of Book Author # of Posts
White 29
Black 13
Asian 18
Latinx 11
Indigenous 3

Unfortunately, the largest racial group we reviewed was white authors. Ceillie reviewed 16 books by white authors and Mina reviewed 12. Mina reviewed 5 books by Black authors. Ceillie reviewed 7 and Kristyn reviewed 1. Ceillie reviewed 15 books by Asian authors and Mina reviewed 3. Ceillie reviewed 8 books by Latinx authors and Mina reviewed 3. All three of the books by Indigenous authors were reviewed by Ceillie.

Queer Identified Authors

We had a fairly even split of queer and non-queer authors. I suspect a few of those listed as nonqueer are also queer, but again, this was based off of self-identification.

Queer Identity # of Reviewed Books
Queer Identified Author 30
Nonqueer Author 40

Disabled Authors

We only reviewed five books by authors that identified as disabled, although one of them was the Unbroken anthology, which had a dozen different disabled authors. All of these books were reviewed by Ceillie.

Only one book that was reviewed was not by an author who is not a person of color, queer, or disabled – Fire and Heist by Sarah Durst. Ceillie reviewed that particular book.


Overall, we did all right for our first year. I can see some simple places to make improvements with regards to our reviews.

I will be working to reduce the number of white authors that we review significantly in the future and increase the number of authors of color. Specifically, I would like to improve on the number of books by Indigenous authors because that is somewhere I see us failing.  I would also like to review more books by disabled authors.

I hope to do even more reviews in the upcoming year and to do a better job at helping marginalized readers and authors find each other.

Is there something you’d like to see more of at Let’s Fox About It? Tell us what it is in the comments!