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“One Day at a Time” Season 3 trailer, release date announced

One Day At a Time is coming back to Netflix on Feb. 8, and we can’t wait for it! The team dropped the trailer on Twitter Thursday morning, to the delight of fans everywhere.

Now that you’ve all watched the trailer, let’s get into it! Spoilers ahead!

It looks like Penelope is diving back into the dating world, but she’s not forgetting her overprotective parental duties, as you can see from her discussion with Alex in the trailer. I’m interested to see how dating another overprotective parent goes, instead of the non-parents she’s been dating in past episodes.

I’m thrilled that we get to keep the delightful Syd around as part of the family (and that they’re searching for a better term than ‘girlfriend’ for the show’s only nonbinary character.) I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes this season!


Judging by the fact that everyone is wearing all black, it looks like a funeral will happen, but we don’t have to worry because Abuelita is in those scenes and definitely alive. Rest assured!


Also in those scenes were Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz, both of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, making appearances as what appears to be Penelope’s family members. I’m excited to see these actresses in another show I love alongside a ton of other Latinx actors!

Will this season still make us cry every episode? Probably. Will we feel a single regret? Probably not. How will we stand the wait? One day at a time. And probably a rewatch of seasons one and two on Netflix!



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