Underwater image with "Are You Missing Out on MerMay?" in script font

Are You Missing Out on MerMay?

It is May, which means that in addition to it finally being Spring in my part of the world (or summer, as my weather thinks), it’s time for MerMay.

What is MerMay, you ask?

MerMay began on instagram in 2016, thanks to the man who created Mushu in Disney’s Mulan. Yeah, that Mulan.


His name is Tom Bancroft, and we’re now a few days into the third MerMay ever. It’s one of my favorite art challenges ever, and if you’ve seen the art, you’ll know why.


Some of my favorites during MerMay are the ones based off of real fish, like these!


Especially the unusual, or fictional, like these two.

I particularly love it when we get a background and coral with our MerMay contributions, like Gwen did!


These hungry mermaids have stolen my heart more than a little this MerMay!

And then this one, created by a mutual friend, includes a mermaid that looks like our author, Lina!

This well-dressed mermaid looks ready for any ball King Triton could throw!

And who could resist this sweet little MEOWmaid? (I certainly couldn’t!)

All of these artists gave permission to be included in this linkup. I highly recommend checking all of their other work out!

Got a great MerMay artist that you want everyone to know about? Link it in the comments and tag us in with them on twitter!

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