Guest Post: Aromantic Indie Recs by Claudie Arseneault

This guest post was written by Claudie Arseneault in honor of Aromantic Awareness Week 2020.

Claudie is an asexual and aromantic-spectrum writer hailing from the very-French Quebec City. Her long studies in biochemistry and immunology often sneak back into her science-fiction, and her love for sprawling casts invariably turns my novels into multi-storylined wonders. She is a founding member of The Kraken Collective and is well-known for her involvement in solarpunk, her database of aro and ace characters, and her unending love of squids.

Two Dark Moons by Avi Silver

Two Dark Moons is a deeply immersive YA fantasy novel in which lush and original worldbuilding meet amazing characters. Its three keywords—queerness, astrology, and lizards—don’t do justice to the deftness with which it touches upon self-determination and community, nor to the care and complexity with which it treats relationships of all sorts and gives breathing space for the hard-to-define lines between queerplatonic and romantic relationships for some aromantic people.

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Werecockroach by Polenth Blake

Filled with dry humour and unexpected twists, Werecockroach is an innovative novella which skillfully explores forging new friendships, neurodivergence, poverty, and communication (among many other themes) on a backdrop of alien invasion and literal werecockroaches as three flatmates try to escape the city. This story is heartwarming and fun in all the right ways, and despite its limited cast it showcases two aromantic and asexual characters with different experiences and relationship to these labels.

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We Go Forward by Alison Evans

Two sad Australian queer girls meet in Berlin and decide to go on a roadtrip around Europe together. One is bisexual, the other aromantic and asexual, and their bond grows with every new adventure. We Go Forward is a quiet and beautiful novel about friendship and displacement, and finding home away from home.

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Cucumber by Penny Stirling

Free online in both text and audio, Cucumber is a gorgeous poem about a queerplatonic sword and sorcery adventuring couple. It is rife with aromantic themes and directly takes on the idea of “just friends” and the expectations placed on relationships and is perhaps one of my favourite piece of writing out there.  

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Stake Sauce: The Secret Ingredient is Love, No Really by RoAnna Sylver

What if you could take all your delicious vampire tropes, but reframe them into an insightful, gorgeous, fast-paced book full of queer and disabled characters? Stake Sauce is funny, touching, scary, and on top of it all, it has a grayromantic main character who struggles with the line between friendship and romance and provides a most-needed example of quoi-/wtf-romanticism in action. 

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