Cover Reveal: We Go Together by Abigail de Niverville

Hello friends! Today I am honored to get to share the cover for Abigail de Niverville’s second novel, We Go Together! It will be published by Ninestar Press on August 10!

Abigail de Niverville is an author and composer based in Toronto, Canada. Born on the East Coast of the country, Abigail draws inspiration from her experiences growing up there. She’s especially fond of writing contemporary young adult novels and poetry. Abigail holds and M.Mus from the University of Toronto and is writes music in many genres, including classical, pop, and film. She is constantly working on new music projects and drafting story ideas.

de Niverville’s first novel, I Knew Him is available wherever ebooks are sold!

Her musical background and her love of Grease came in handy while writing this bisexual m/f YA romance novel. You’ll see why when you read it!


The beaches of Grand-Barachois had been Kat’s summer home for years. There, she created her own world with her “summer friends,” full of possibilities and free from expectation.

But one summer, everything changed, and she ran from the life she’d created. Now seventeen and on the brink of attending college, Kat is full of regret. She’s broken a friendship beyond repair, and she’s dated possibly the worst person in the world. Six months after their break-up, he still haunts her nightmares. Confused and scared, she returns to Grand-Barachois to sort out her feelings.

When she arrives, everything is different yet familiar. Some of her friends are right where she left them, while some are nowhere to be found. There are so many things they never got to do, so many words left unsaid.

And then there’s Tristan.

He wasn’t supposed to be there. He was just a guy from Kat’s youth orchestra days. When the two meet again, they become fast friends. Tristan has a few ideas to make this summer the best one yet. Together, they build a master list of all the things Kat and her friends wanted to do but never could. It’s finally time to live their wildest childhood dreams.

But the past won’t let Kat go. And while this may be a summer to remember, there’s so much she wants to forget.

But let’s get to what you really came here for – the cover for We Go Together!

This beautiful cover was designed by Natasha Snow, who can be found on her website or on Twitter!

You can preorder this fantastic Grease-themed book through Ninestar Press’s website right now!