Cover Reveal: My Boyfriend’s Back by Elliot Cooper

Hello, my foxy friends! Today we’re happy to host the cover reveal for the re-release of Elliot Cooper’s My Boyfriend’s Back.

My Boyfriend’s Back was originally released by NineStar Press in 2016, and has been rereleased as a self-published novel! It is available on Amazon as an ebook and paperback, as well as on Kindle Unlimited.

This story has everything you could ask for in a paranormal m/m romance – zombies, ghosts, homunculi and just a little bit of cannibalism. What more could a reader ask for?

Summary of My Boyfriend’s Back:

After losing both of his parents, Academy of Magecraft student Steven Durant doesn’t want to see anyone else lose a loved one before their time. Traditional resurrection methods, however, only create mindless, flesh-hungry zombies; they’re no cure for death. He’s certain his unique brand of necromancy—using alchemy and blood magic—is the only answer.

When his boyfriend, Dax Everhart, has a fatal accident, Steven sees no choice but to use his experimental Lazarus Elixir. Dax comes back wrong, but the more humans he consumes, the more human he becomes.

With the help of his best friends, his ghostly aunt, and her living doll homunculus, Steven fights to regain normalcy and repair his shattered relationship with Dax. But with Dax openly embracing his monstrous nature, Steven shoulders the guilt of assisting in a murder spree that could lead the mundane and magical police right to their door.

Without further ado, I give you the cover of My Boyfriend’s Back – designed by Cooper himself!

My Boyfriend's Back Cover

Stunning, isn’t it? We interviewed Cooper in June, so go and check that out, along with all of his other books! I’m personally a huge fan of Junk Mage, so I’m looking forward to giving this a read as well. It’ll be a perfect spooky read to get into the Halloween spirit!

Pick it up on Amazon now for $3.99!