Cover Reveal: In the Sun by Lina Langley

Hello, friends! Today we’re here to reveal the fabulous Lina Langley’s cover for their latest novel – In the Sun!

Nothing has been the same in Great Falls since Summer died. A drowning kid is a tragedy–one no family deserves. Not even mine.

But everyone, including my own family, seems to be intent on forgetting about it. So when it becomes an option to get close to the only person in town who knows the truth–the person everyone in town holds responsible for my brother’s death–it’s a total nobrainer. I don’t want to forget. I need to know the truth.

It doesn’t matter that my surviving brother won’t like it. It doesn’t matter that the town will talk.
One thing is uncovering the truth, though, and another one is falling for him. Falling for another boy in a tiny town is already complicated enough…

Why did I have to go and make it so much harder by falling for someone that everyone — including me — thinks I should hate? (Goodreads)




Lina Langley is a first-generation immigrant. She currently lives in sunny Florida and spends her time slashing hot strangers while getting coffee.

Her past is haunted by spies, thieves, tyrants, and murderers. A resident of the world, she’s lived on three different continents. She first saw a radiator when she was twenty-two years old, and one time she followed a cat instead of going to a house party.

She likes to read, watch TV, and play video games when she’s not developing them. The rest of her free time is spent recreating her own characters in The Sims and hoping that people don’t look at the back end of her games. 

This beautiful cover for In the Sun was illustrated by Alessia Troncone, who you can find at her website!

Without further ado, check out this cover!

In the Sun Cover

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  1. Wording disappears into the cover art. And it looks more like a Norman Rockwell poster than a romance novel cover.

  2. It’s beautiful however difficult to distinguish the couple in the center from the background.

    I find it hard to see the title clearly as well.

    A concerned reader

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