Cover & Game Reveal: Dithered Hearts by Chace Verity

Today I have two very exciting reveals for you today! Chace Verity is publishing a new novel called Dithered Hearts! It’s a queer taboo fantasy Cinderella retelling with a nonbinary protagonist who uses she and they pronouns.

Chace Verity (she/they) is publishing queer as heck stories with a strong romantic focus, although friendships and found families are important too. Chace prefers to write fantasy but dabbles in contemporary and historical fiction as well. An American citizen & Canadian permanent resident, Chace will probably never be able to call a gallon of milk a “four-liter.” Follow Chace on Bookbub or their newsletter for all the latest updates about their books!

A gender-confused farmer desperate to reclaim her farm and escape her stepparents’ abuse. A closeted prince more interested in helping his people than finding a bride. A fairy godfather with a ton of secrets and no powers. In this diverse fairy tale, everyone is searching for a happy ending.

The masquerade ball to find Prince Longhollow’s future bride might be Cynthia Lynah’s best chance at getting her family farm back. If she can marry him, she’ll have all the money and power she needs. Her newly discovered fairy godfather is ready to help her, but his magic can’t do anything to stop her heart from falling for two women she shouldn’t be attracted to–her stepsisters. In the midst of her flirtations, she causes her fairy godfather to lose his magic and stirs trouble for the prince desperate to save his nation from a famine.

Everyone gets a chance to be the hero of their story, but happy endings seem impossible when they need more than magic to make them happen. Goodreads

Dithered Hearts features a nonbinary/f/f triad romance at the center of the story with a disabled love interest and a fat love interest. There is also a secondary m/m romance between two cis gay men. Are you excited yet?

Well, get even more excited because Chace ALSO created a FREE interactive prequel called Hazy Minds! 

Hazy Minds Banner

In Hazy Minds, The player will guide Myrick–a fairy-disguised-as-a-human who is incredibly bad at opening up about his feelings and incredibly good at cursing–as he goes through his day. Eighteen unique endings can be unlocked as players try to help Myrick survive fancy birthday parties, repair rifts between friends, and resist the urge to use magic inappropriately. Hazy Minds briefly touches on several, possibly triggering issues. Abuse, cheating, queerphobia, and death are referenced in the game.

Five of these endings unlock special excerpts from Dithered Hearts, which will help you to get even more hyped for this romance!

You can check out Hazy Minds now on! 

Without further ado, check out the fantastic cover that Verity created themself!

Dithered Hearts Cover
Beauty portrait of young gorgeous woman. Female with masquerade venecian mask in hand near face. Silver girl on black background


You can preorder Dithered Hearts now through Amazon! It will be available through Kindle Unlimited upon release on July 24!

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