Character Interview: Graham’s Delicacies

Hello, little foxes! Today I’m here to introduce you to the characters of Em Ali’s Graham’s Delicacies, a short story collection that follows their novella, Soft on Soft. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and think you will too!

Let’s do something fun! Everyone, introduce your love interest in three sentences or less!

Jen: They’re fucking adorable. Period. No need for more sentences.

James: He’s incredibly thoughtful, can make the best coffee, and falls asleep rewatching Marvel movies.

Alex: Yujin is the guy who can reach all of the high shelves. He’s really beautiful when he is working on a video and he’s an awesome snuggler.


What is your favorite food, and why?

James: I really like pizza.

Jen: My mom’s spaghetti!

Sam: I second Jen.

Emilie: I like breakfast foods! Waffles, pancakes, eggs, oh, oh, I like samosas, too!

Yujin: I refuse to choose.

Alex: I’d eat any kind of potato.


If you had a free day with nothing to do, what would you do?

Jen: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Emilie: Catch up on all of my shows.

James: Spend more time with my siblings.

Sam: Read all of the new releases of my favorite romance authors.

Alex: I’d clean.

Yujin: Definitely volunteering at my mom’s restaurant.


If you could spend a day with someone you admire (alive, dead or fictional) who would it be?

Emilie: I’d spend the day with Cole McCade and beg him to tell me all the Criminal Intentions secrets.

Sam: It’d be my mom.

James: I second Sam.

Jen: I would spend the day with Em as she bugged her favorite author.


What’s the most important trait to you in a friend or romantic partner?

Jen: Thoughtfulness.

Sam: Humor.

Alex: Persistence.


What is your favorite emoji?

Jen: the PEACH emoji!

Yujin: I love the monkey emojis.

James: I don’t use emoji-

Sam: That’s a lie

James: BUT if I had to choose I’d go with the bashful ones.

Emilie: I adore the monkey emojis, but the cat emojis are superior. Sorry, Yujin!

Alex: Squid. Don’t ask why.


If someone were to name a cake after you, what flavor would it be and how would you decorate it?

Jen: It’d be vanilla! I love simplicity in taste. They’d decorate it with whipped cream!

Emilie: I’d be a cheesecake decorated with strawberries.

Yujin: Caramel banana cheesecake. Soft on the top and hard in the bottom.


What do you always keep on you?

Sam: A book. James has been selling me on the idea of an e-reader though.

James: They’re so compact!

Yujin: A camera of any sort.


If you could teach everyone in the world one thing, what would it be?

Jen: How to fucking say please and thank you.

James: How to tip.

Alex: How to respect pronouns.

Emilie: How to keep their unsolicited opinions to themselves.

Sam: How to be quiet.

Yujin: How to be kinder.