Author Interview: Talia Hibbert

As you all know, we are big fans of Talia Hibbert here at Let’s Fox About It. We’re here today to interview her about her first foray into Paranormal Romance – Mating the Huntress.

This book had even more intensity than Hibbert’s romances, which made me sit on the edge of my seat. Who would have known she’d make me want a Werewolf husband?! Not me!

Today, I’ve got an exclusive interview with Talia about Mating the Huntress which is a Halloween special treat! It comes out today so don’t forget to click that buy link and get it!

Mating the Huntress Cover

Chastity Adofo knows a monster when she sees one.

As soon as Luke Anthony wanders into her family’s coffee shop, she recognises the evil lurking beneath his charming smile and fantastic arse. To become a true huntress, she’ll slaughter the handsome werewolf in cold blood.

But Luke has plans for Chastity, plans far more pleasurable than murder. And when the full moon rises, all bets are off…

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Congratulations on Mating the Huntress’ release.

Thank you! I’m super excited about it.

Can you share with us any feelings you’ve got about how your usual contemporary fans might react to the new genre you’re exploring?

I’m quite nervous about that, actually… I love writing holiday novellas, and making my Halloween romance a paranormal one seemed only right – but I knew that some of my usual readers wouldn’t be interested. After all, people like what they like! I did have a lovely email from someone saying they didn’t enjoy PNR, but were willing to give mine a try. That was rather heartening. But if they hate it, I really hope they get a refund!

What are some Paranormal Romance books that have inspired you?

Oh, there are so many! But most recently, I’ve read Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series (is that officially PNR, or is it sci-fi, or both?); Holley Trent’s completely unpredictable novels; and Erin St. Charles’s Close Enough to Love. I think I’m quite heavily inspired by TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural, too. I enjoy watching the paranormal even more than I enjoy reading it.

Why did you choose to explore the path of Werewolves?

I knew that I wanted the hero to be a monster, but there are only so many sexy, Halloween-themed monsters! I’m not big into vampires (I mean, they’re super interesting, but they don’t ring my bell romantically) so Weres were the logical option. I like the idea of magnified animal urges in a human package. It reminds me that people are only animals, after all.

The family you’ve written is interesting as it focuses on the women being the Huntresses. Would you like to write more books that explore the other Adofo women?

Well, I planned this to be a standalone, since it’s holiday themed and all. It’s definitely a bit of one-shot fun. Of course, as I was writing, my brain got caught on all the possibilities. I was writing Victory’s point of view and thought “This woman needs her own book”. I wrote Justice and kind of fell in love with him. So the answer to your question is yes, I would like to – but realistically, I’ll have to restrain myself! The stories will remain in my head, I think.

What was the most fun part of writing Paranormal Romance?

Hmm, the most fun part… It’s a tough choice between two options: I loved making everything up, creating my own lore and so on. But I also loved the ability to write super-dramatic fight scenes, and to have a really bloodthirsty heroine. I mean, if any of my contemporary characters thought about murder as often as Chastity does, things would go left pretty quickly.

So, Luke and Chastity are mates, but have you considered writing a romance where a Were doesn’t have a mate? Maybe multiple mates?

I think writing a Were who doesn’t have a mate in a world where they all eventually find their mate is very tricky – but I would write an aromantic character who doesn’t have a mate, or a character who’s previously lost a mate. I think Nalini Singh handled the latter really well in a couple of her Psy-Changeling books.

As to multiple mates, I would 100% write that. In fact, when Luke discusses mating in the book, I was careful about his language in order to keep that possibility open. In my PNR world, there are polyamorous people who have multiple mates.

Consent is a very important part of your Contemporary Romance novels, how did you manage to keep consent as crucial in a Paranormal setting?

I read a fair bit of PNR myself (as you may have noticed!) and one problem I encounter when trying new authors is the way that ‘mating’ can be used as an excuse to ignore consent. There are too many wolfy heroes running around who use their animal natures as an excuse to be more scary than sexy. Even though Luke is a literal monster, this is a romance – the whole point of the book is that he loves Chastity. You don’t hurt the people you love. So he’s always careful about consent, despite the intensity of his… ah, urges. His animal nature is strong; he, and his love, are stronger.

Are there any other Paranormal creatures you’d like to explore in your future books? If yes, can you share them?

Oh, so many. I’m fascinated by angels and demons, probably because I went to a Catholic school. I also love traditional West Indian stories about witchcraft and soucouyants and stuff. I’ve got all sorts swirling in my messy little brain, basically.

About Luke… does he have a brother? I’m just asking for Victory.

Luke is an only child! Weres typically aren’t very fertile. Sorry, Victory.

Speaking of Victory… and Chastity, their names are fantastically chosen. Is there a secret plot behind the names?

All of the Adofo children have virtue names, because their parents wanted to give each child a built-in source of strength. I chose to do that because I loved figuring out the perfect name to represent each character! For example, Chastity isn’t sexually chaste (actually, she spends most of the book either super horny or having sex) but wolves are often used in literature as symbols of a threat to a young girl’s purity, right? And in this case, her desire for Luke threatens her pure-minded dedication. She has to resist her desire for him in order to maintain her goodness – in her mind, anyway. So I thought Chastity was an interesting name for her.

Will we ever get a Valour book?

Valour is a total sweetheart and a lot of fun, so he’s on the list of characters I’d love to write more about… but I don’t think it’ll ever happen! If it does, it’ll be next Halloween…

What are Chastity top 5 favorite cupcake flavors?

Oh, I know this one! Mostly because they’re the complete opposite of mine, so I think she’s a weirdo.

  1. Red velvet
  2. Chocolate
  3. Mint chocolate
  4. Lavender
  5. Carrot

What was your favorite part when writing Chastity and Luke’s interactions?

I really enjoyed the fact that they should be mortal enemies, they should want to fight, and they both know it – but they just… don’t. At one point Chastity is expecting Luke to be angry with her, and it would be justified, but instead all he does is tease her. She’s constantly threatening him, he’s constantly irritating her, but it becomes a love language because they’re choosing to do all of that instead of fighting to the death. I suppose the higher stakes are part of what makes PNR so popular – the love seems extra intense when the world might end/you might get eaten/monsters might take over the world. You know?


Well, there you have it, y’all! Talia sounds like she had a lot of fun writing this book and I personally had the honor of reading it as an arc! You know you want some of this Werewolf mated deliciousness. Think of it as a Red Velvet cupcake where sexy consent, fated lovers, and Chastity’s murderous intents are all ingredients. Sounds yummy, right?!

Go pick up a copy of Mating the Huntress for yourself on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited! Check out our reviews of Untouchable and Wanna Bet? to see more of what we love from Hibbert!


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