Author Interview: Katrina Jackson

Hello, little foxes. It’s another Friday and I’ve got another fantastic author you should have on your TBR – Katrina Jackson!

It’s my greatest honor to bring to you an author of From Scratch, the MMF polyamorous small-town romance that made me thirst after three characters all at once and sigh dreamily over them. Katrina Jackson is here to answer some questions about herself and her writing!

From Scratch Cover

Sea Port is a tiny southern town on the verge of collapse looking to entice people to move to the middle of nowhere and start life anew.

Mary Woods, stinging from her life as a failed academic, takes the opportunity by the reins and resettles in Sea Port to try her hand as a small town baker. A few days before the opening of her shop, Confections by Mary, she runs into small town cop, Miguel Santos, and small town fire chief, Billy Knox and there’s a whole lot of chemistry to go around.

Welcome to Sea Port, where the town baker, cop and fire chief fall heavily in lust.Goodreads

Let’s all welcome Katrina Jackson with a lot of love. Don’t forget to see the end of this interview for links to purchase From Scratch and more!

Tell us a little something about yourself!

I’m a cat warden of two and a historian who watches too much true crime in my spare time. I like to write romances that center Black women, are diverse, often unapologetically queer, sometimes happily polyamorous, with a lot of emotion and a little bit of humor.

What made you want to write romance?

I’ve always liked to write, but I started writing romance when I was in graduate school and severely unhappy and depressed. There was something about reading and writing stories that had a happy ending and where people found love, friendship and acceptance that literally sustained me when nothing else would.

Do you have any go-to marginalized voice in romance? If yes, mind sharing some?

I mostly read authors of color or people who write truly diverse worlds. So there are almost too many to name. But my favorite authors are probably Beverly Jenkins, Alyssa Cole and Nicole Falls.

And I stan for Rebekah Weatherspoon. She writes young women who are like me and women I know. And her books are hot as hell. I just caught up on her Vampire Sorority series. I don’t read much paranormal anymore so I wasn’t sure that I would like it. And then a week later I’d read all three. Whoops!

What’s one trope you’ve read you would love to write?

It’s not a trope but I really want to write an erotic cozy mystery romance (It’s like a mashup of all the things I love). I have an idea for a story that I know will take me a really long time to write. I’m intimidated by the mystery aspect but I just need to sit down and start.

What other projects are you working on?

I have a few books in the works now but at various stages of development (most are just in my head). But I’m mostly working on the second book in my new series, The Spies Who Loved Her, called Private Eye. I’m also pushing through the third novella in my series Welcome To Sea Port, called Sweet Secrets (which is taking so long because it’s closely connected to book four, Back for More). I’m also working on a book of short stories about various kinds of romantic and/or sexual relationships in universities or with academics, called Office Hours.

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Inheritance (Welcome to Sea Port, Book 2)

Inheritance Cover

Lorraine Freeman is running away. And what better place to do that than Sea Port, Middle of Nowhere. With a new job as the town librarian, she can start over. Again. But a small Southern town is not where she expects to meet a beautiful, bearded contractor with baggage of his own named Jonah Brown, who brings to the surface a desire Lorraine never knew existed: to see and be seen.Goodreads