Author Interview: Dominique Rothford

Today, I’m here to talk with Dominique Rothford, erotica author!

Erotica is a subgenre of romance that focuses more on the sexual aspect of relationships and today, we’ve got a marginalized writer of erotica! Let’s all welcome Dominique  author of Master’s New Kitten which is part of the Becoming His Pet series. Check out the bottom of this post for information about the sequel!

“Does he want a girlfriend at all? Or just a pet cat he can screw?”

Katherine Clark’s life seems to be on hold ever since graduation. Nobody seems to want to hire her, nobody wants to hang out with a broke graduate, and she hasn’t had an orgasm in months. Could her life get any more bland?

Alex Spencer would seem to be everything Katherine isn’t: rich, handsome, and wildly successful. But his tastes, it seem, run a bit to the unusual.

When a halloween costume draws them together, magic ensues…


Tell us a little something about yourself!

I’m a pretty mixed bag: bisexual, biracial, polyam, and a switch. I’ve been doing kink play for over a decade now, primarily with my husband and my lover. I currently reside near Cleveland, and am a member of the local BDSM group there. I’m married to sex blogger Mr Promiscuous; we both feel passionately that people ought to be able to talk about sex more honestly in our society.

What made you want to write erotica?

I began writing erotica because I couldn’t find the sort of thing I was looking for easily in Kindle: a low-key, introductory kink play series with an emphasis on consent ethics. I wanted to make something accessible to people who are just discovering a kink they like, rather than focusing on hardcore fans who want to push their limits.

What’s one trope you’ve read you would love to write?

Oh, there’s so many! I really love to write about hurt people who find ways to heal together. I like to write woobies, for example, and the tropes around them such as earn your happy ending. While I haven’t yet found a good way to do this in erotica while still focusing on consent-based play, but my next series I’m hoping to work some of that in. Stay tuned!

What’s one thing that would surprise people to know about you?

Despite writing about such a personal, taboo subject as kinky sex, I’m actually a fairly shy introvert in real life. I never quite know what to say when meeting people, so I default to being very polite and soft-spoken. Once you get me talking, however, it’s hard to get me to stop again 🙂

What other projects are you working on?

I’m in a bit of a slump right now — I have several projects in the works that just aren’t coming out right. The third and final book in the Becoming His Pet series is one of them, and so is the first book in the next series I have planned, a gay erotica based around pup play and leather play. I expect to be unstuck within a month or so, however, so if you’re interested, please do sign up for my mailing list to hear when those will be released.

Check out Rothford’s upcoming release: Kitten’s Playdate

“He wants to show me off… to strangers?”

Katherine’s life is strange, but it’s the kind of strange she can get used to. Every weekend, her billionare boyfriend picks her up, whisks her off to his mansion, and screws her silly. Sure, she’s dressed up like a cat while she does it. But she’s comfortable with that… so long as nobody sees her.

Alex wants to change all that. Why shouldn’t he show his new girlfriend off to the regulars at his favorite club?