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Author Guest Post: Kala Godin, Witchcraft and Monsters

Hello, friends! Today, Let’s Fox About It is happy to host Kala Godin, author of upcoming poetry chapbook Witchcraft and Monsters, which is ownvoices for her physical disabilities, which you will learn more about as you read her guest post!


Kala Godin Author PhotoKala is an author living in Alberta Canada. She lives with a physical disability and is confined to a wheelchair. She’s also an occasional artist, and Halloween is her favorite holiday. She likes tattoos and chocolate, and most movies directed by Tim Burton.


What inspired you to write Witchcraft and Monsters?

Before I can answer that question, I’m going to explain a little bit about me. My name is Kala Godin and I’m severely physically disabled. I have a muscle deteriorating disease called spinal muscular atrophy type 2. Essentially my body doesn’t produce a protein, so the muscle tissue that I do have will waste away. Long story short, I use a wheelchair and I need help with everything in day-to-day life. Things like feeding myself, going to the washroom, or even using my phone, are examples of things I can’t do myself.

Despite many people telling me that I should write about myself, I was never really interested in it. Especially in the format of an autobiography, such as a novel or novella. I’ve never even really been interested in reading them.

So I didn’t write anything about myself until I took a workshop when I was just about 20. The workshop was specifically for disabled poets. And well, writing poetry about my disability was easier than an essay or anything considerably long. During the workshop I wrote close to 60 poems. Which then proceeded to sit in a word doc for a little over a year. I left it there to collect internet dust, and instead focused on getting my name out in the world. I put my energy into writing stories and articles. Because I didn’t think I was going to publish poetry.

In October I submitted what is now Witchcraft and Monsters to Patchwork Press, which is where I work as an editor. It took me a week to accept that it was something that I needed to have published. What I realized was that if I was scared of people seeing my heart and who I am, then I’d be too scared to submit anything. And being an author is a dream that I can’t give up.

Witchcraft and Monsters is a mashup of all my favorite topics. Witchcraft, mythology and folklore. I take elements of these topics and relate them back to being human. I find it easy to find the similarities between the things we think are fantastical, and the things we believe are mundane. Whether it be the beautiful or the monstrous.

So what inspired Witchcraft and Monsters?

The simple answer is my disability and how it has allowed me to view the world. And it’s my love letter to the topics that bring me joy.


Does Witchcraft and Monsters sound like a chapbook that you want to read? It comes out on Jan. 21, 2019!


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