LETS FOX ABOUT IT is a news site created by, for and about marginalized people and the things we care about – from books to celebrity news to politics – whether traditionally or independently created.

Other pop culture news sites tend to focus on the people loved by the status quo, and leave out writers and media that isn’t focused on that. Let’s Fox About It aims to change that by lifting up marginalized voices that are screaming to be heard.


About the Owner

Owner and Founder Ceillie Simkiss has been a blogger for more than five years, focusing on books by and about marginalized people. It has grown from a small WordPress.com site that was rarely posted on, to a self-hosted, money-making site with unobtrusive ads. From the beginning, she has striven to be candid about her thoughts about every topic she touches, while keeping kindness in mind. Through her time on twitter, she has created a social media network that reaches people of all walks of life, from readers to editors in the publishing community.

Throughout that time, she has worked her way through journalism school as well as by working as a daily journalist. She is now a full-time freelance writer.